It would be so awesome if we could somehow collect and save ALL of those wonderful, beautiful, and incredible things that we have seen and experienced, to be able to share them with others and relive them again.

Do you remember that unreal sunset that made you smile and think “nobody‘s gonna believe me“ or that incredibly powerful lightning flash that lasted for a fraction of a second but made you think about eternity? How about that out-of-this-world vista that suddenly opened in front of you and made you feel so tiny or that amazingly intricate frosty pattern on the window …

Photography helps me save and share some of those images and experiences.

Igor Kovalenko

A few facts about me:

I am based in Ames, Iowa, USA and was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. 

Not that it makes much difference, but I use Canon gear. 

When I was a kid, I developed my own black & white film and made my own prints. It was like magic. 

I am proud and humbled that my photos decorate walls of homes and offices worldwide.

Some of my photos published in print and online:

National Geographic Magazine, June 2015

The Iowan magazine, issue May/June 2012

National Geographic Complete Photography (book), 2011

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